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From June to August 1994 we undertook a trekking expedition to the Karakoram. We trekked as individual travellers, my wife, Karen Dierks, née Von Bremen and myself, from Ashkole in the Braldo River valley along the Baltoro Glacier – the longest glacier on earth outside the polar areas – to Concordia which is surrounded by several peaks higher than 8 000 m altitude and where several Karakoram glaciers are meeting. From Concordia we visited the K2 Base Camp at an altitude of roughly 5 000 m. On our way back to Gilgit we visited the Hunza Valley up to the border of the Peoples Republic of Cina at the Khunjerab Pass 4 602 m. (more…)

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What is Grid-Based Design?

Grids are structure imposed on chaos. They are a harmonious and reliable system for presenting information. Grids offer an effective design approach for site layouts and assist in communicating site’s main messages clearly to the end user. They created ordered hierarchies, proportional relationships, and clear visual paths for the eye to travel.

Its important to know your tools before trying to get creative with them. This means you should study the grid and understand how to successfully use it to create your site layouts. Learn to achieve balance, symmetry, and place emphasis on important content all through the use of the grid. If you need some information on Web grid usage utilize the resources below:

Grids are useful for communicating information clearly and effectively. Khoi Vinh’s redesign of a complex news-site proves it. (more…)

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